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A look at the inspiration and form of Norway’s National Tourist Route Project.

Coasting along the roads of Norway, one is struck by beautiful mountain after breathtaking fjord, each bend of the road seems to yield a more spectacular view from the last.  Just as you reach a spot where you must slow and crane your neck to take it all in, there is a pull-off that provides the perfect place to have at least a few minutes with the view before heading onto the rest of your journey.  Sometimes there is just room enough to park and a bench for enjoying a snack, elsewhere there are buildings complete with cafes, museums and rest rooms.  These strategically placed pull-offs are a part of an invitation for visitors to view Norway’s scenic beauty, traditional heritage, and contemporary design practice through a collection of drives called the National Tourist Route Project (NTRP).  Combining stunning scenery with dramatically designed architecture, the NTRP immerses passersby in its intangible cultural heritage practices through the very tangible and strongly directed gaze of these viewing platforms, benches, and buildings.  

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