Information on this site explores work both within and outside of the field of Landscape Architecture in the hope of gaining a better understanding of unique ways to engage the environment and the public amidst a rapidly shifting global ecology.


While my interests within the field of Landscape Architecture are broad, the last two years have been spent working to understand somewhat disparate topics in order to distinguish unique areas for intervention.  These interests include: the ecology, geography, and historic value of post-industrial sites; formal and philosophical investigations within Land Art and Earthworks projects; and innovation in green technologies including phytoremediation.  How can work in these areas be applied to urban environments and how can collaboration with communities help to create more engaging applications of these systems and ideas?

Currently, I am conducting research in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe as a way to witness different systems of social and ecological engagement.  Specifically, much of the work here will be focused on post-industrial parks, decommissioned nuclear facilities, historic and contemporary works of Land Art, and visits to different ecological and phyotoremediary research sites.

Having spent years working in Fine Art Print and Papermaking, small to large-scale art installations, and organic-practice agriculture, these interests have now merged in pursuit of a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington.  If you have any questions, comments or similar research interests feel free to reach out using the email below.

Kasia Keeley Portfolio 2016