Although all of the speakers at the ‘On the Trace’ conference organized by the The Saxo Institute at the University of Copenhagen last week offered abundant material for consideration, two organizations were discussed that are doing very exciting things in the way of heritage, preservation, and future potentials.

Heritage Futures presented by Rodney Harrison

“Exploring alternative ways of shaping future legacies and assembling common worlds across different fields of conservation practice”


Heritage Futures makes critical connections with projects from a range of disciplines and offers analyses of diverse projects as a means of showing that the field of heritage should not be approached singularly and is omnipresent.  Some of the information you can find on its site include: a link to SKB – Swedish nuclear fuel repository; a discussion of heritage efforts underway such as that around the Orford Ness Lighthouse in Britain; and a critique of the perception of heritage within the recent blockbuster, Interstellar.

Incompiuto Siciliano Archaeological Park presented by Pablo Arboledo

“It’s real because it’s there.”


Incompiuto Siciliano Archaeological Park is the brainchild of the artist collective Alterazioni Video who viewed incomplete public works projects as potential points of pride for their surrounding communities.  As Arboledo points out, these structures are Modern yet function-less in their incompletion and therefore reside in limbo of form defined by a function that never came to be.  Alterazioni Video implores communities to re-invent these spaces, starting with engagement and re-envisioning.